Cross stitch

After saying in my profile that I love all crafts, so far on my blog I have only made cards!
Here is today's project. I have two of these on the go. They were started 18 months ago, and I'm fed up of seeing them uncompleted. They both need to be personalised with name, date of birth, and weight, then ironed, and properly mounted. I will have to post them to the recipients too. Working out the spacings of the letters is the fiddly bit that takes the time. This is why they haven't been finished - I'm not keen on that.
Hopefully, seeing this here will give the oomph to do it at last! LOL


  1. thats gorgeous Julie, I know what you mean about doing lettering! :) Xx

  2. Ooohhh I love this, beautiful fabric xxx

  3. So pretty. Great gift. Jaqui x

  4. Thats lovely. Hope this give you the motivation to fininsh