Before I go any further, I would like to thank all the ladies on the M.S.E. forum for their helpfulness and invaluable advice. THANKYOU.

I now have five things I have to do.

~1~ Thank the person who gave it to me. Thankyou Jennie (AKA The Wife). I was so surprised.
~2~ Paste the award on your blog. Done! It's the lovely picture above.
~3~ List three things I like about myself. I adore my family and am terribly proud of them. I have had past troubles but they made me who I am now. I would help anyone in need of it. Sorry it's boring but that one was hard!
~4~ Post a photo you love. I know I should have posted a photo of both my girls but even Emily will approve of my choice. Below is the famous Elysia (of elysia2003) posing as if she's Britain's next top model!

~5~ Tag five people who you would like to have this award ~ I have tried to give this award to people who haven't had one yet. I wish I could have given everyone one!
1. Fifi Flutterby Fififolle
3. Kelsmakes KMS26
5. The crafty OAP Artydoll
Thankyou all so much for going the extra mile in helping me, and also giving me much needed inspiration xxx

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