Sock Monkeys - please don't laugh LOL

For Emily

This one looks like a grumpy gorilla.
I promise you that both legs are the same size, it's just the way he's sitting. :)

For Elysia

This one, 'in real life' is such a cutie (wonky ears and all). :)

I hope you don't mind me posting these here, I did try photobucket but it wasn't playing nicely and I promised to show the lovely ladies on the Thrifty thread (MSE).

Thanks for looking!

I wish you a very merry Christmas and a very happy, and healthy new year!!!



  1. They look great Julie, well done - why should anyone mind you posting your pics here - it's your blog you can post whatever you like on it!!!! You picked the hardest socks to use as the fluff gets down your throat when you are sewing with these socks!! I used them once only as I get asthma and they didn't help me at all!!! Lovely and soft though. I'm sure your girls will love them.

  2. I love these, so cute , thxs for sharing xx

  3. He looks great, well done. Love the socks you have used

  4. Soooo cooool they're fantastic!! Jaqui x

  5. Hi, they are cute, made a couple with my girls recently, now they are a hit at their school in discovery time, the kids just love making them.